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We believe that every individual is important to the kingdom of God. It does not matter your past or where you come from, churched or unchurched, rich or poor. We believe Jesus died for all; therefore, you are important to God and His family. All Christians must believe that God is real (Hebrews 11:6). God is not the result of a vivid imagination. He is real and without faith in Him we are nothing. It is God who sustains us in all things at all times. 



We believe there is one true, holy God, eternally existing in three equal persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the beginning, God demonstrated His power, wisdom, and goodness by creating the world and everything in it. Through His divine power and providence, God continues to sustain His creation, operating within history to fulfill His redemptive purposes.


The Bible

We believe Scripture (Old and New Testaments) in its entirety originated with God and He revealed it to chosen authors. Scripture speaks with the authority of God while simultaneously reflecting the backgrounds, styles, and vocabularies of these human authors. We hold that the Scriptures, in their original manuscripts, are infallible and inerrant; they are the unique, full, and final authority on all matters of faith and life. There are no other writings similarly inspired by God. 



We believe that salvation is the work of redemption to the sinner. Originally created to be in relationship with God, mankind defied Him by going their own independent way, resulting in alienation from Him and the innate inability to please God. This fall took place at the beginning of human history; since then, all people have suffered these consequences and are in need of the saving grace of God. The salvation of humanity is completely a work of God’s free grace; it is not in any way the result of human works or goodness. Each person can receive salvation by repentance and faith. God’s Word assures individuals that He will continue His saving work in them forever.  



We believe that justification is being brought into the right relationship with God; his position is accomplished without consideration of good works (of righteousness). Justification is the pardoning of sin. The gift of eternal life displays God’s love for humankind; and by faith in the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ is His righteousness given to us. 



Jesus Christ, the eternal second person of the Trinity, was fully united with a human nature by a miraculous conception and virgin birth. He lived in perfect obedience to the Father, voluntarily paid the price for the sins of all people by dying on the cross as their substitute, and satisfied divine justice, bringing salvation to all who trust in Him alone. After His physical death, Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father as the only intercessor between God and humans. He promises to return to earth, personally and visibly, to fulfill history and the eternal plan of God. 




We believe in the Holy Spirit, sent by the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit applies Christ’s saving work by enlightening the minds of sinners to their need to be saved. He renews and indwells each believer upon salvation, becoming their source of assurance, strength, wisdom, and gifting for building up the church. Holy Spirit guides believers in understanding and applying the Bible. Appropriated by faith, He empowers believers to lead a life of Christ-like character and bear fruit for the Father’s glory.  



God calls believers into fellowship with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Believers are to assemble to encourage each other (Hebrews 10:25). Jesus in His instruction to His disciples gives us the purpose of the church in what is known as the Great Commission.




Baptism through water immersion is the outward expression of an inward commitment to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe the decision to be baptized is up to the individual and that he or she must fully understand what it means to be a Christ follower. Baptism shall be performed in the name of the Father our Sovereign God, of the Son Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit.(Acts 2:37-38; Acts 19:5; Matthew 28:19; Colossians 2:9).  



In Jesus’ last days, He gathered the disciples in a room and asked them to consume bread and wine “in remembrance” of Him. Two thousand years later, we regularly observe the sacred and symbolic act in remembrance of our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for our sins. 

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